Establishing connections...

is the motto of my work. Fitting the best possible equipment for you and your horse is a personal aim of mine. Mutually we gather all facts to supply fine saddlery to satisfy either requirement. How do we proceed?

You inform me about your requirements regarding tack and equipment. Your horse shows me its anatomy and movements.

I put all requirements together and offer or build equipment which is anatomically correct and adjusted for your horse. Equipment which allows all movements in a natural uninhibited way for both horse and rider.

As a matter of course I will check your existing tack and adjust or repair it if necessary.

So you have a “standard” horse off the shelf?

Every horse has its individual anatomy. Together with various back forms and sizes come the individual movement patterns and last but not least the requirements and wishes of the rider. Therefore it is sensible to acquire tack, like the saddle, bridle or harness not “off the shelf” but to get it fitted to the individual horse. As tack is used every day, it is a necessity to be fitting and comfortable for horse and rider.
Often a new acquisition is not necessary, existing saddlery can be adjusted or padded accordingly.

Side saddles

Few saddlers or manufacturers still exist who are able to build high quality side saddles. A good alternative for the lower budget are used side saddles built in the prime time of riding aside from 1920-1950. Most of these antique treasures need a more or less lavish refurbishment and repair to reinstall usability or conserve their value.

Since 1996 I do have specialised in ladies side saddles. Several courses in England deepened my knowledge of side saddle history and practical side saddle building and refurbishment. I have constantly around 10 to 12 side saddles in stock to choose from in order to find your dream side saddle fitting perfectly onto your horse and for your measures. Naturally I will help finding the perfect saddle for you on the market if necessary or I can restore your own saddle for your needs.

My special offer is to build a new side saddle made to measure in the standards from 1920 to 1950. The saddle will be built on a new wooden saddletree which has been developed for the modern type horse. Another alternative is to rebuild a saddle on a refurbished saddletree from the great old brands. You can choose leather in colour and quality, the result is a beauty made exactly for the pair of you, just as saddlers did in the old days! Please ask for an individual offer.

Also you can acquire special side saddle equipment like girths, stirrups (safety stirrups) for all patents as well as veils, whips and special numnahs. I can also help to find the matching outfit for the lady aside.

Saskia von Ehrenkrook